Return / Exchange conditions

We guarantee 100% quality of our flowers. Claims for bouquets are discussed in the store on the spot, otherwise we are not responsible for the problems that have arisen after.

when returning, the following conditions must be met:

1. The bouquets that the client himself chose are not subject to refund.

2. If the bouquet given to you does not match your order

3. Have a cash receipt for this product

4. The flowers should not be damaged in the bouquet you bought.

terms and time of delivery:

• Delivery in the city of Baku is carried out at a convenient address for you, the metro station and in any other chosen point for you. Please note that delivery is not done to the door, but to the main entrance to the building, shopping center or other delivery point.

• If the order is made before 12:00, this time is fulfilled by the time of delivery until 21:00 by the Baku time; if the order was made in the afternoon, while the delivery will be made on the same day, depending on the number of current orders, or the next day. as you wish, by contacting our manager, the delivery date can be changed in any convenient for you day.

• Emergency orders and orders can be delivered only to the metro station on May 28. at this time, please note that the details of the order must be previously agreed by phone with our manager, after the acceptance of your emergency order, delivery can be performed at least for an hour.